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KBS CHAR 21™ is a waterborne fire retardant paint for fire protection of structural steel. The system provides fire resistance class R 30 to R 90 according the classification standard EN 13501-2. This standard are the latest and most severe classification standards worldwide. For example, all EU national authorities are forced to accept this classification without any questioning). KBS CHAR 21™ have one of the best insulating capability in the market (when expressed by thermal properties, i.e heat capacitivity and heat conductivity). CHAR 21™ is easy to applicate and special designed to cope with bigger amount paint for each application (without risk for flowing or cracking). And this paint gives also a smooth finish. KBS CHAR 21™ is green certified and environmental declarated. Our quick support does all the work for you. You can obtain free help with paint calculus or  use our paint amount tables by your self.

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Productname: KBS CHAR 21™
Prod.No: A007
Package: 20 kg

We offer you the markets most complete documentation. In online support below you easily chose desired profiles and then let our strong software do the rest. Safe and comfortably.

-Fire resistance class R30-R90
-EU-Classified [EN13501-2]
-Application friendly
-Smoth finish
-Calculus support
-Profile tables
-Quick delivery
-Environmental green certified

Product Data Sheet
Amount / calculation
Profile tables


Electric spray machine

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