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KBS FIREBLOCK ULTRA™ is a fire damper that allows the free passage of air under normal conditions but closes quickly in fire conditions to provide seal to flames and smoke. This product is available circular and rectangular in wide range of sizes. KBS FIREBLOCK ULTRA™ is simpel and economical to install as non-mechannical and operates at all angles. The product needs no maintenance and are resistance to moisture and chemical atmosheres.

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KBS FIREBLOCK ULTRA™ provide seals in ductwork, roofspace, walls, floors, doors and partions. The product have up to 83% free area within frame to reduce risk of blockage and permit greater airflow. KBS FIREBLOCK ULTRA™ is only 40 mm thick and have very fast closure. The product is manufactured from slats of high performance, moisture resistant intumescent material, secured in a powder coated or galvanised steel frame.


KBS FIREBLOCK ULTRA™ is certified to fire resistance classes EI 90 and E 240. The fire resistance classes above , comply with Fire resistance classes according to EN 13501-2.  A standard valid within all EU-states.



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