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In the selection of our products and systems you always receive help with fire protection documentation. In our document archives are numerous approvals, test reports and research papers that are related to the KBS SYSTEM™. Usually you will receive fire protection documentation before purchase. We may, as a system supplier with extensive knowledge in the field, also assist you with additional technical advices. Our system is far more extensive than what are shown in published material (in the website). We estimate that approximately 90% of our overall fire protection documentation is unpublished. We have several thousand pages. The total value of this documentation is large amount and we can easily say that we as a precaution fired up tremendous amounts of money. It is natural for us to communicate our experience in passive fire protection so you can always ask us once too often, once again for a bit. It may be worthwhile for you.

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Now only in PDF to Save the Earth

But in order to save the environment we have committed ourselves in our environmental plan to not copy and physically transporting paper documents. You may have documents in pdf as the production and shipment of paper documents generally generates carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.

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