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KBS PIPESEAL M™ are a firestop collar device for big thermoplastic pipes. This system offers protection for all types, dimensions and installation situations up to 500 mm diameter. In KBS PIPESEAL M™ an additional mechanical strangler device works together with the heat-expanding inner sleeve to produce an immediate smoke seal and preventing the passage of heat and gases.

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KBS PIPESEAL M™ has been tested and approved for use with combustible penetrants such as PVC, PVC-U,  PVC-U, PVC-C, PVC-HI, PP, PPS, PE, LDPE, HDPE, ABS/ASA, ABS/ASA/PVC in through penetrations. Testreports and approvals for 2 hours fire resistance according to EN 13501-2. It has also been tested and approved for gypsum wall applications.

- Resistance to fire Class EI 120
- EU-Classified [EN 13501-2]
- Sizes up to diameter 500 mm
- Installation in different constructions
- Tested with cellular rubber insulated pipes
- Tested for bundles of plastic pipes
- Fast reaction thanks to a unique system





Product No
500 mm installation
Reaction in fire

Pipecollar up to 500 mm
Fire tape for plastic pipes

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