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Flamastic KBS COATING™ provides a great margin of safety for electrical cables. Depending on the electriclal cables as fire tested exceed this coating the requirements of [ IEC 60332-3 Cat: A ] several times. It even managed to deal with highly flammable PEX insulated high voltage cables. The  the cable coating Flamastic COATING™ incorporating a fire technology that are specially formulated to consuming energy when exposed to fire, cooling the surface and starving the fire of oxygen. The ablative composition in Flamastic COATING™ works "endothermic" and the process push oxygen away from the surface, dilute flammable gases preventing them from burning and interrupt the "chain reaction" of fire chemically. This, in turn provides time to fight the fire, and protects the circuit integrity of redundant and emergency systems. Flame propagation along the cables outside the fire area is prevented with this system.

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Flamastic COATING™ is easily applied by conventional methods such as spray and brush. For the most application as cable protection the thickness is approx. 1.5 mm. This system is also a technology for up-grading of existing fire protection on cable trays and conduits and have form the standards for fire protection of power cables in heavy industrial applications such as paper mills, steel and nuclear utility plants.

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Flamastic COATING™ is resistance to chemicals most commonly present in industrial environments such as detergents, solvent, lubricants, etc. The coating also provides UV protection for cables outdoors. It is not affecting the current carrying capacity so ampacity Derating is not necessary.

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Flamastic COATING™ is originating from NASA research. The product has an age- and temperature proof Limiting Oxygenindex [ISO 4589-2] at maximally possible 100 %. This standard is well accepted and included in our supervisory control. Flamastic COATING™ is also extensive used around the world in our fire sealing systems (which prevent fire from spreading between different constructions, see the information for that purpose of use). This material is nonhalogenated. Sprayable and Brushable. Good resistance to fuel, oil, diluted acids, water, UV, frost as well as most organic solvents.

Special benefits:
- Exceeds the requirements of IEC 60332-3.
- Has passed high voltage PEX cables in test.
- Age-resistant Limiting Oxygen Index.



Oxygen Index  ISO 4589-2
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IEC 60332-3


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