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We can offer two technical coatings for fireproof wood. KBS CHAR 17™ and KBS WOODCOAT™. This products protects against ignition. KBS CHAR 17™ is EU-classified according EN 13501-1 with fire class B-s1, d0 and KBS WOODCOAT™ is classified according DIN 4102 class B. Clear fire protection paint are primarily intended for light wood constructions and should generally not be compared with furniture shelves. Different wood constructions that need protection are found where rapid overfire must be prevented. For example, to reduce the risk in evacuation. This requirement is usually stated in national building rules or other regulations.

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KBS CHAR 17™ is a clear or white fire protection coating designed for light wood constructions. The product is EU classified for fire class B-s1, d0. The fire coating is applied in three rounds and after about a week's drying time, it is protected with clear Finish. Read more in the instruction.

- Clear fire protection coating
- Fire class B-s1, d0
- EU classified [EN 13501-1]
- Amount: 350 g / m² (0.26 L)
- Protective lacquer with Finish
- Certified and Manufactured controlled
- Packaging 20 kg

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KBS WOODCOAT™ is available as a white and clear fire protection coating. For class DIN 4102 - 400 g / m. The user is completely responsible for testing before major projects begin (see instructions). Fire protection coatings generally should not be compared with furniture shelves.

- Fire Class DIN 4102
- Amount: 400 g / m² (0.28 L)
- White






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