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KBS PROTECTDUCT™ is a concept for fire protection of various electrical installations in order to maintain the electrical function time during longer fire. The construction consists of customized frame parts where the KBS PANEL HD200™ is mounted. The assembly includes also  KBS SEALANT™ and Flamastic KBS COATING™. Both of these sealant and coating are espacially documented in large scale fire tests together with KBS PANEL HD200™The construction resists directed water jet during firefighting, is maintenance free and can be cleaned with water.

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Each design is unique and customized

The surface coating consists of the tough Flamastic KBS COATING™(see video clip) which contributes to a durable fire protection in the constuction. The coating is strong and also water resistant and has a long fire resistance lifetime (even outdoors).

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- Fire resistance up to 120 min.
- Customized
- Long lifetime
- Fire protected framework
- Offered from a specialist
- High level of protection



On request

Video clip (coating)


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