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Flamastic KBS COATING is 100 % free from silicone and we strongly recommend that you never use  equipment (as spray machines and brushes) that have been in contact with silicon when you apply this coating. The reason is the same as for any painting and coating operation who fear silicone contamination. Such contamination destroys the adherence of   paints and coatings. Research shows that one drop of silicone can spread over an area of 100 m².

For example has hard-earned experience in the automotive industry led to that all constructions material in a car paint´s departmant must be completly free from silicone.

Within the electricity industry, experience and practical experiments unequivocally clear silicone has caused disruption in various electrical equipment. Contact Problems in contactors and relays, solder and increased brush wear in rotating machinery is the most common disorders.
There is a clear correlation between the increasing use of
silicon based products and the number of disturbances. The use of silicone oil, release agents, sealants, rubber, release silicone oil and silicone vapor to the surroundings. Through direct contact or condensation will metal be coated (such as contacts and commutators) with an extremely thin film of silicone. A small arc provides the heat required to take the silicone to unite with oxygen in the air and develope silicon dioxide, commonly referred to as silica. This is a hard material with high insulation properties. When such a crystal is formed between two contacts in such a relay provides a high resistive coating that compromise device function. Silica on commutators in rotating machines, is both an abrasive and an insulator that increases sparking. Both these factors contribute to a greatly increased brush wear. It is often prohibited for staff in serious electrical component industry to use cosmetics in the workplace as it usually contains silicone. 


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This Brand Seal symbolizes over 50 years of unbroken experience
and knowledge about cable fire protection.
It all started with Nasas Apollo program in the 60´s.
Don´t hesitate to put this Seal on your cables as well.

Technical information
Oxygen Index  ISO 4589-2
Compare the risk !
IEC/EN 60332-3-22
Electric spray machine
Silicone free
Prolonged operating times

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