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These durable firestop bags function through a unique three phase reaction to intumence and seal out fire, smoke and toxic gasses.  At approx. 130 C the various componenets of the bags start gluing up and sticking together, preventing the fillers from running out, even if the wraps is damaged by mechanical impact.
At approx. 280 C the content begins to expand up to 45%, so that even the smallest remaining spaces between cables, trays and masonry are tightly closed.
At approx. 800 C a "ceramic reaction" causes the content to harden into a solid block. The seal becomes mechanically so strong that it will withstand mechanical damage cause by falling debris etc. or a hose stream from fire fighters.

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The technical difference between expanding and intumescent pillows are considerable. The latest types are often founded on a less advanced construction where lose wool have been packed in bag which surface only swelling. When mineral wool in general loses mass during a fire will also this bags stability deteriorate.  Intumescent pillows has therefore big difficulties to pass mechanical integrity test after a fire test (such as UL Hose Stream). Described expansion technology for KBS SEALBAG™ is protected and offers our customer more security.




Technical Information
Installation and Assembly
Differency between expanding and intumenscent
A 4 hour fire test
Workplace Fire Safety


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