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Flamastic KBS COATING™ is an high temperature coating originating from NASA research. The product is a globally used coating to prevent fire spreading.  Flamastic KBS COATING™ is nontoxic and nonhalogenated. Sprayable and Brushable. This coating has a high resistance to chemicals most commonly present in industrial environments such as detergents, solvent, lubricants, etc. Flamastic KBS COATING™ is also an excellent UV protection that extends the life of power cables without affecting the current carrying capacity. Ampacity Derating is not necessary. This excellent product has an age- and temperature proof Limiting Oxygenindex (LOI) at maximum possible value of 100 %. The method to verify the limiting oxygen index is a standard that is well accepted. This test is also included in our production controll and is performed by several independent test institutes. 

In summer 1966 three American astronauts burn to death in a space capsule on top of the first Apollo rocket during a test. What happened ? Instead of air, the space capsule contained a high percentage of oxygen. Apparently, a spark from the electrical equipment ignited the plastic insulation of cabling and the resulting flash fire caused the death of the astronauts.
Since then ESA, NASA and others use the Limiting Oxygenindex test (ASTM D2863) as screening tool for materials intended for space vehicles. They require materials which do not support combustion when tested 10 % higher than the expected oxygen concentration.
   Oxygenindex ISO 4589-2
The Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI) test method [ISO 4589-2] provides a good indication of the flammability of plastic materials and can be adopted for the characterization of materials. The LOI is determined with a special apparatus. It measures the percentage of oxygen in a flowing oxygen/nitrogen mixture, necessary to support downward flaming combustion on material located in the flow stream. Most organic materials range from 14 to 30%. A high LOI value represents a material that burns with difficulty or is incombustible. The LOI values of cable insulation and jacketing materials range between 18 to 35 % and Acrylic-based fire protection products are between 40 - 70 %. The index for Flamastic KBS COATING™ and Flamastic KBS SEALANT™ is production controlled by the notified bodies to the maximally possible value of 100 %. This unique performance is furthermore age- and temperature resistant


LOI values ISO4589-2 of different materials [%] 



Crosslinked PE (XLPE) 


Polypropylene (PP) 




Soft PVC  


Rigid PVC


Fire resistant cables  


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Flamastic KBS-COATING™


Flamastic KBS-SEALANT™



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This Brand Seal symbolizes over 50 years of unbroken experience
and knowledge about cable fire protection.
It all started with Nasas Apollo program in the 60´s.
Don´t hesitate to put this Seal on your cables as well.

Technical Information
Oxygen Index  ISO 4589-2
Compare the risk !
IEC 60332-3
Silicone free


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