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The KBS PIPESEAL M™ consists, basically of a round steel casing, supplied in two halves with a heat-expanding inner shell and an additional mechanical strangling device.

Under heat exposure, the softening pipe is squeezed together by the pressure of the expanding intumescent material and, in case of type M, the double action of the additional mechanical device, preventing the passage of heat, smoke or gases. The continuing expansion of the inner sleeve produces a thick, strong foam, eventually filling the entire penetration in the wall or ceiling for an absolutely tight seal.

The double-action KBS PIPESEAL M™ with the added mechanical strangling device is basically developed for large diameter pipes up to 500 mm. This type can also be used on pipe bundles or pipes with smaller diameters passing at small diagonal angles. The spring-loaded mechanical device, when released by pulling the safety bolts, is closing the remaining space between pipe and seal with a fiberglass curtain. .





Technical Information
500 mm installation
Reaction in fire

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