KBS has always ensured the personal integrity of customers and contacts, and we will always do that. We never and will never share such information with anyone else. Your information stays with us and we never use this inappropriatly.

How we get your information
We never seek your personal information but you tell us this by your self when you contact us in different matters. There may be orders or technical questions about our products. Our contact will then preferably take place via e-mail or phone call.

Examples of personal information we have to deal with
We store the smallest possible personal data and only within the framework of your own company information to provide service to you after you contact us. It may be your professional email address and / or work phone number that you provided to us because we will be able to answer you and / or send technical or commercial information you actively requested in your contact with us.

In the case of orders, we are of course also obliged to store the company data required by the Accounting Act and the Authorities. Such information is only public company information that usually appears in an administrable customer register such as billing address, shipping address and details of the buyer's name and phone number. Thus, normal prevalent data in a bookkeeping. Any other data we neither create nor store about you. For example, we never store private information about you (eg social security number home address, personal comments etc.)

How we do not use your personal information
- We never divulge third parties Your submitted personal data (with the exception of government's mandatory rules).
- We never use your personal data in any marketing process or to send information to you as you did not request (for example; e-mail newsletters, direct advertising, sms offer e.t.c).
- This site is also completely free from cookies or other tracking computer technologies.

When you contact us in different cases, we assume you agree that we use your personal information to provide you with adequate service, answer and assistance.

Your rights
If you still feel the need for us to report or delete personal information you previously consented to, please feel free to contact us here -
GDPR questions


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