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KBS INTUFLEX™ is a highly flexible intumescent material which expand when exposed to heat. The product is used for many different fire insulation needs as windows, doors, various penetrations and additional insulation at existing as combustible insulation, cladding pumping, winding metal pipes e.t.c. KBS INTUFLEX™is also recommended for interior or exterior insulation of electrical boxes, junction boxes, board and outlet. The width can be easily customizes to suit measurement of the respectiv protected. This product is also a part of the CE-marked fire sealing systems KBS KOMBISEAL ABL™and KBS KOMBISEAL INT™.

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KBS INTUFLEX™ may be delivered as strip, panel or molded parts in any geometry, it is also possible to supply with self-adhesive layer. KBS INTUFLEX™is an intumescent product containing an epoxy resin binder, intumescent compounds, flame retardants, fillers and additives. The product is free of fibers and halogens. Possible delivery metrics are:
Width (mm): 5-300 mm
Length/pcs (mm): 2000
Thickness (mm): 2.0-3.5 (standard 2.5)

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KBS INTUFLEX™is a standalone fire tested at jointing and in different fire penetrations. The material also forms the manufactoring controlled swelling material in the products   KBS PIPESEAL W™and KBS PIPESEAL EU™. Both this product are fire rated according to EN 13501-2 (fire resistance). The product is also included in many customer-owned and fire-tested systems (please contact us before the planned fire test for advice on the design of the test unit).



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