System KBS PANEL SEAL HD200™ | - Installation in plasterboard wall (min 95 mm)
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System KBS PANEL SEAL HD200 is type approved (by a notified body) for EI 60 with 2 x 30 mm KBS PANEL HD200/30™ in plaster board wall ( wall thickness down to 95 mm.

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Principal Installation Instructions:


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Measure exact location of cable trays, using a meter stick, a mason's compass or a piece of string with which you can locate cables by measuring from the upper corners.

Transfer measurements onto the KBS PANEL HD200/30™, but add about 3 mm on height and width of panel (this will result in a tighter fit). Now cut panel into as many pieces as necessary to fit in between wall opening and cable trays as well as between cable trays.

Apply Flamastic KBS COATING™ to the edges of the KBS PANEL HD200/30™ as well as to the insides of the opening where panels will be fitted. Place lower edge of the the panel over the cables, and push slowly into opening. Since the KBS PANEL HD200/30™ has been cut oversize, a piece of wood and a hammer will be necessary to get panel in place. If the panel is loose in the opening, it should be discarded and replaced by a new one.

After panel is in place, check carefully for possible openings, stuffing them with loose mineral wool. Apply Flamastic KBS COATING™ or Flamastic KBS SEALANT™ covering carefully spots stuffed with loose wool, also use this high temperature products liberally between cables and other spots which may allow leakage of fumes and smoke.

Use masking tape to keep cables and surrounding area on wall or ceiling clean.

Now apply Flamastic KBS COATING™ (3,0 kg/m or dry thickness of 1.5mm) by spray or brush, to cables and trays to distance of 200 mm. Coat wall about 25 mm over edge of opening. (The Swedish KBS PANEL HD200/30™ has dry thickness of approx. 1.0 mm and ready to use).
Please Note !
Only use the Swedish KBS PANEL HD200™.  The Fire resistance classes above, comply with Fire resistance classes according to EN 13501-2, after testing according to EN 1366-3. Please contact us for a Type Approval Certificate in English.




Here you can see a drawing class EI 60 (EN 1366-3)
What do you know about maximum conductor sizes ?

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