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KBS FIREFLEX™ is a permanently elastic fire protective list for fires sealing.The product  can be used for  fire stop in wall / floors or expansion joints with horizontal and vertical movements.

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This fire sealing list will accommodate the require movement whilts providing necessary of fire protection. The product is resistent to water and various chemicals and does not change its properties through ageing. KBS FIREFLEX™ is a sandwich element consisting of a highly elastic KBS-foam and a flexible intumescent material. KBS FIREFLEX™ is available for gap widths up to 150 mm and for fire resistance up to 240 minutes.

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The KBS FIREFLEX™ elements are pressed together and inserted into the hole. As soon as the elements are released, they are automatically fixed. Gluing the elements on the gap faces is not necessary. The system allows for movements of gaps up to 60% and can be installed on one side or both sides of the gaps.

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- Elastic 60 %
- Quick installation
- Fire tested up to 240 min
- Available up to 150 mm gap size
- Seismic resistant
- All movements direction
- Vibration resistant



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