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KBS FOAMCOAT HS is an intumescent sealant used for fire protection of electrical cables and plastic pipes in wall and ceiling penetrations. In case of fire KBS FOAMCOAT HS forms microporous foam of at least 30 times the thickness of the original layer and function through reaction to intumence and seal out fire, smoke and toxic gasses. KBS FOAMCOAT HS consists of water-based thermoplastic resins, inorganic incomustible fibres, filler, pigments andvarious flame retardant chemicals.

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KBS FOAMCOAT HS™ is free of asbestos, halogens and solvents. It is advisable to use the cartridges allowing an easy application.

- Allround system for smaller penetrations.
- Plastic pipes and cables.
- Fire resistance classification: EI 90 -  EI 240.
- Tested according to EN 1366-3
- Comply with EN 13501-2


Electrical cables - floor
Electrical cables - walls


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