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KBS FOAMCOAT HS™ is a heat-swelling compound intended for smaller installation penetrations. The system has uniform fire sealing solutions for plastic pipes, meta pipes, cellular rubber, electric pipes, electric cables. KBS FOAMCOAT HS™ is a labor-saving product that is suitable for all craftsmen. The product is manufacturing-controlled with regard to the fire technical properties and certified for fire sealing of different types of smaller penetrations (the product is also included in various fire sealing systems för larger hole sealing ; see eg KBS KOMBISEAL INT™ ).

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The fire seal compound KBS FOAMCOAT HS™ swells approx. 50 times when expose to fire. The product is non-stick and easy to work with, which is also labor.saving

- CE-marked fire putty with ETA
- Fire resistance class according to EN 13501-2
- Fire seal of penetrations EN 1366-3
- Material-efficient
- Uniform principles solutions
- Non-stick
- Labor saving
- Silicone-free and environmentally assessed
- Craft-adapted solutions
- Also include in system KBS KOMBISEAL INT ™


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