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KBS FIRE SEAL HD200™ is specially developed for fire protection of industrial penetrations or stronger construction penetrations. A system for slightly larger and coarser installations. Fire tested with the largest power cables 4x240 mm² on continuous cable ladders, steel pipes, plastic pipes, earth lines, cable bundles, electrical ducts, electrical rails. The system is tested according EU fire test standard for penetrations seals [EN 1366-3]. KBS FIRE SEAL HD200 ™ is fire rated from EI 30 to EI 120. The fire resistance classes comply with the EU classification standard [EN 13501-2]. KBS FIRE SEAL HD200™ has a documented fire protection resistance of over 40 years in different types of environments. Systems can also be installed in rooms with increased surface layer requirements, eg fire class B-s1, d0 [EN 13501-1]. The products in this system are also part of the new CE-marked fire sealing system KBS KOMBISEAL ABL™.

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Flamastic KBS COATING™ is high temperature coating Originating from NASA research and as currently is used worlwide for many different fire safety needs. The product has an age- and temperature proof Limiting Oxygenindex [ISO4589-2] at highest possible 100 %. Flamastic KBS COATING™ is Nontoxic and Nonhalogenated. Sprayable and Brushable. It resists fuel, oil, diluted acids, water, UV, frost as well as most organic solvents. EU-class B-s1,d0 [EN 13501-1:2007+A1:2009]

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Flamastic KBS SEALANT™ is the putty version of the coating. This product is unique and special for being one of the very few real high temperature sealants. Flamastic KBS SEALANT™ is Water-based with an endothermic technology. This product is a ultimate firestop and the formulation (orginating from Nasa research) guarantee the most effective protection against spread of fire, smoke and toxic gases in all Fire Sealing joints. This product has also an age- and temperature proof Limiting Oxygenindex [ISO4589-2] at maximally 100 % and No silcones means also no outgassing contamination. EU-class B-s1,d0 [EN 13501-1:2007+A1:2009]

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KBS PANEL HD200™ is an unique form molded high-density product with supreme fire characteristics. This boards, which are available in different thickness are free from grooves and simply cut and friction to a dust free installation. This is finally an outstanding concept only made in Sweden and that you will not find anywhere else.  KBS PANEL HD200™ is included in different systems with separation ability in fire class EI 30 to EI 120. The product is classified according to EN 13501-2:2007 + A1:2009.



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This original Trademark Seal symbolizes over 50 years of unbroken experience and knowledge within passive fire protection.
It all started with Nasas Apollo program in the 60´s.
Don´t hesitate to put this Seal on your installations as well.


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