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KBS PIPESEAL W™ is an intumescent pipe wrap designed to seal penetrations of combustible pipes in fire rated walls and floors. A space-saving and hidden installation that is usually preferred in new housing production. KBS PIPESEAL W™provides a more accurate installation adaption than many other firesealing tapes. This installation is always cheaper even when compared to the very cheapest collars in the market.

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KBS PIPESEAL W™ is for plastic pipes from 32 mm up to 160 mm outer diameter. The product is tested to European Standard EN 1366-3. Fire rated up to 2 hours (EI 120 acc. EN 13501-2) for installation in walls and floors. See further technical data, product declaration and installation instructions.

- Fire resistance class EI 120
- EU-Classified [EN 13501-2]
- System for comustible pipes
- For pipes with diameter 32 - 160 mm
- Installations in  walls/floors
- Can be mounted in KBS-PANEL HD200/60
- Hidden installation
- Size/pcs [mm]: 2000x50x3.5
- Product.No: G2050W



Technical Data
Product declaration
Installation instructions

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