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Risk Fire Source; Example: Leaking oil from a pressurized pipe

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No Risk

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Stage 1   (1 minute)

Flame have reached cables. Black smoke develops from burning oil.

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Stage 1   (1 minute)

Cables coated with Flamastic COATING™ show no signs of flamespread. Fire is restricted to source area where, at point of direct flame impingement, the most exposed cables may receive damage with resulting loss of circuit integrity.

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Stage 2  ( 2-7 minutes)

Unproteced cables have ignited. Fire is quickly spreading along cable trays. Burning melted plastic is dropping to the floor, addingto the fire load. Dense black smoke, carrying HCL fumes, carbonmonoxide (a severe personnel hazard)  e.t.c develops.

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Stage 2  ( 2-7 minutes)

With the help of fire-fighting equipment, the oil fire is dying down. The cables coated with Flamastic COATING™ are blackened by sud. Cables in the lower tray can be damaged and must be replaced. The fire loss is manageable

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Stage 3 (8 minutes-...??)

Unprotected cables have by now become a "raging inferno". Smoke and poisonous gases are so dense that fire fighting is only possible with breathing equipment. Cableways have spread fire to other parts of the building. The fire loss is staggering.

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Stage 3 (8 minutes

The fire is totally under control and most of the plant is completly intact so that the electrical function can be maintained through most of the nodes and distributions. The primary and secondary costs constitutes no strategic threats to the company


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This Brand Seal symbolizes over 50 years of unbroken experience
and knowledge about cable fire protection.
It all started with Nasas Apollo program in the 60´s.
Don´t hesitate to put this Seal on your cables as well.

Oxygen Index  ISO 4589-2
Compare the risk !
IEC 60332-3

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